Texas Credit Card Abuse Attorney

Credit Card and Debit Card abuse charges usually arise from an individual using someone another person's credit or debit card without their express permission. If you are charged with Credit Card or Debit Card abuse anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, you need a skilled attorney who will work to defend your rights.

Credit card and debit card abuse is prosecuted under Section 32.21 of the Texas Penal Code.  Usually these charges most commonly stem from one of the following transactions:

• Purchasing items with a stolen credit or debit card;

• Purchasing items in a higher amount than agreed upon by the card holder;

• Purchasing items with a found credit card;

• Stealing someone's mail, obtaining a credit card in his or her name and making purchases.

Possible defenses to these charges can include:

• Lack of knowledge;

• Lack of intent;

• Mistake;

• Duress (being coerced to perform a crime that you otherwise would not perform);

• Age (being a minor may lessen the penalty imposed).

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